most reluctant learner with his high-
octane science fun! He takes
students’ interest to a whole new
level by introducing high level
concepts. Jason’s Hooked on
Science program is an exciting
hands-on extravaganza for students
of all ages!"  
Alecia Ladd
"Jason did an absolutely fantastic
job with his presentation. He held
the students'--and parents'--attention
throughout the entire program. He
had a wonderful rapport with the
audience from the beginning. His
behavior management was
wonderful!! His program was fast
paced so as not to lose people's
attention. I watched the faces of the
audience and parents and students
alike were so involved in everything
he was doing."
Mary Catherine Bir
"Jason has opened a world for even
the youngest children. One of my
children was a challenge - always in
trouble due to some family issues
until science "turned on the light
bulb" so to speak. He now wants to
be just like the science guy, is
excelling in Kindergarten, and is
curious about the discovery of the
world again. Thank you for the
television program and especially
for the online newsletters, bringing
science back as a fun way to
explore the universe and daily
Greta Henry
  • Public Education Award
  • Best Children's