"Jason's programs allowed all students to take ownership of their learning and add to their knowledge through experience. Jason
had phenomenal classroom management and allowed for the active participation of every student throughout the program.
Everyone was engaged throughout the presentation with his hands-on learning activities."
Sarah Hatton

"The students were amazed at the great science Jason shared in our afterschool program. The staff was amazed at what great
"crowd control" Jason exhibited. His passion for all things science shines! We all loved how engaged and hands-on the activities
were, as well as impressed with how well Jason worked with our students. Thank you for providing such a great service to this
country's kids!"
Dana Harmon
21st CCLC Director

"Jason Lindsey fascinates even the most reluctant learner with his high-octane science fun! He takes students’ interest to a whole
new level by introducing high level concepts. Jason’s Hooked on Science program is an exciting hands-on extravaganza for
students of all ages!"  
Alecia Ladd

"Jason Lindsey and his Hooked on Science presentation to our middle school students was engaging and informative. His
interaction with the students was effective and right on grade level, touching on many topics that not only addressed current grade
level standards, but were real-world relevant. After the assemblies many students as well as faculty members remarked that it had
been the best assembly we ever had! We look forward to having him return again in the future."
Dr. Cindy Thompson

"Jason and his wonderful Hooked on Science programs have become a staple of our summer reading programming. His ability to
engage children and educate them through hands-on activities is truly outstanding. I also appreciate his professionalism. I know
when I schedule a program with him, he will be on time and totally prepared for an excellent program. The fact that we have
waiting lists for his programs says it all."  
Toy Lancaster
Children's Librarian

"Jason Lindsey with Hooked on Science did an amazing job of keeping both the students and staff engaged in science. With the
loss of science instruction time during the day, it is refreshing to have a presenter who has a great amount of knowledge and
passion for science. We loved the presentation and would welcome him back next school year!!"
Heather A. Richard
21st CLCC Program Director

"Jason has opened a world for even the youngest children. One of my children was a challenge, always in trouble due to some
family issues until science "turned on the light bulb" so to speak. He now wants to be just like the science guy, is excelling in
Kindergarten, and is curious about the discovery of the world again. Thank you to the television program and especially to the
online newsletters, bringing science back as a fun way to explore the universe and daily occurrences!"
Greta Henry
"Jason's easygoing rapport with the kids opened them up to participation and held their attention. The adults also enjoyed the
constant flow of both information and humor. Jason emphasized safety for budding scientists (adult supervision, safety
equipment, reading instructions) and he also seamlessly integrated life skills like respect and fairness into the presentation. “Mr.
Science” is a winner!"
Cheryl Soper
Children's LIbrarian

"You will not be disappointed with Jason Lindsey!  He is like a magician in the scientific world. The students are mesmerized with
all of the hands-on and fun learning. Adults as well. Certainly a great investment! You pick the topics and Jason delivers the
Lynn Ashbrook
Gifted and Talented Director

"Jason has a way with a child that is seldom seen among entertainers these days. We had a very diverse group of children
(preschool through 8th grade), Jason was able to interact with every child, and engage them in his programming."
Jacki Jenkins
Children's Librarian
Educators from across America continue to rank Hooked on Science programs as the best. Unlike other presenters, STEM
educator, Jason Lindsey, aka "Mr. Science," with Hooked on Science is a STEM professional and brings real-world science
connections to schools. When he's not in the classroom getting kids "Hooked on Science," you'll discover him providing forecasts,
as a meteorologist, for television stations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.
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